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Wellness Exams & Vaccinations

Our services include yearly wellness, dental, senior and puppy/kitten examinations, as well as vaccination programs tailored to your pet’s individual needs.

Dental Procedures and Oral Health Checks

Our dental services include scaling, polishing, and surgical extraction of teeth. Digital dental x-rays available with all dental procedures.

Elective Surgeries

We perform a wide range of surgical procedures. These include Elective Surgeries (spays and neuters), Lump Removals, Soft Tissue, Orthopedic, Ophthalmic and Gastro-intestinal surgeries.


This service allows our team to begin pharmaceutical therapy for your pet immediately upon making a diagnosis.

Prescription Pet Food and Supplements

Parkdale Veterinary Clinic stocks a wide range of Canine and Feline foods to meet the diverse needs of our pet clients. Parkdale Veterinary Clinic is proud to carry Royal Canin, Purina and Hill's Prescription Diets, in clinic and through our online store.

Preventative Pet Hygiene

We offer canine and feline nail trims and anal gland expressions performed by our professionally trained team members. We also offer feline lion shave services.

Nutrition Consultations

Our team would be pleased to discuss the nutritional requirements for your pet, make diet recommendations, and create daily feeding guides by calculating daily caloric requirements for your pet. Not all pets, foods or diets are created equal! 

Weight Loss Consultations

We can help your pet accomplish their weight loss goals through tailored weight loss programs incorporating your pets needs and your lifestyle.

We are pleased to provide Royal Canin Slim Fit Program as well as calculating daily caloric requirements to help pets get back into healthy shape!

Rehabilitation Therapy

We offer in house rehabilitation therapy to promote physical fitness, improved range of motion, and help improve your pets quality of life.

Diagnostic Services

We offer a wide range of laboratory services including, blood and urine screenings, allergy testing and pathology analysis.


We can provide referrals to speciality veterinary facilities if required.


Full body radiographs and dental radiographs available to assist in treatment of your pets.